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New York City Penthouse Mechanical Cooling Investigations - HVAC NYC - Professional Engineer

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Penthouses are often overlooked during the developer's build-out of a building. They are typically focused on the smaller and more typical revenue producing units and know that the penthouse is often the last unit sold. By then they plan to be long gone.

The developer anticipates the penthouse will be "gut renovated" long after they are gone, so the think "why should they take the care to ensure all details are properly installed?".

Are you having issues with the Mechanical cooling systems in your penthouse?

Give us a call today. We have numerous happy penthouse clients in New York City, NYC!

We can provide a detailed summary and assessment of your central building heating and cooling systems as as well as your penthouse or condo / apartment cooling and heating systems.

  • Create a property conditions assessment based on site investigation.

  • Generate recommendations for improved performance.

  • Create a forensic summary of the existing HVAC issues of note.

  • Provide steps and estimated costs for remediation.

  • Provide scopes of work and bid drawings for detailed costing.

  • Review balancing reports and determine issues with performance and leakage.

  • Perform electrical investigations and surveys for supplemental cooling allowances.

  • Provide a temporary air-conditioning plan based on known unit conditions.

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