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This image depicts a drone shot of New York City taken from the air.


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When Do You Need A Sprinkler Filing in NYC?

Category – 1

There is a $35,000 cost limitation in any 12 month period and only the following work can be done:

Category – 1 $35,000 cost limitation per building including appliance and labor in any 12 month period

  1. Changes that do not alter the type of sprinkler system

  2. New Sprinkler Heads: Install up to five new sprinkler heads off of an existing sprinkler system

  3. Rearrange Sprinkler Heads: Rearrange not more than 20 sprinkler heads in areas classified in light hazard occupancy, in restaurant service areas classified in Group 1 ordinary hazard occupancy, or in mercantile areas classified in Group 2 ordinary hazard occupancy

  4. Relocation of piping that does not affect the operation of the sprinkler system

  5. Replacement of parts required for the operation of a sprinkler system

Category – 2

No cost and time period limitation, but only the following work can be done:

Category – 2 Estimated cost of unlimited work, must include all appliance and labor costs

  1. Sprinkler Heads for Existing Sprinkler System: Replacement of sprinkler heads, provided that orifice sizes, type and deflector positions remain the same

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