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What to do for NYC DEP Backflow Prevention Device Annual Testing and Maintenance - Avoid Violations

Annual testing of an approved BFPA (Back Flow Prevention Assembly) shall be performed as follows:

1. The BFPA (Back Flow Prevention Assembly) shall be tested once annually by a NYS Certified Tester, in accordance with §20-04(e). The GEN215B Form shall be completed and marked "Annual Test" and mailed to NYC DEP office within 30 days of test date:

NYC DEP Backflow Prevention

59-17 Junction Boulevard

Flushing, NY 11373

Download the GEN215B form here
Download PDF • 2.19MB

2. Defects in any tested assembly shall be repaired/replaced within thirty (30) days by same size, type configuration, installation orientation, make and model # (equivalent/substitute) of Lead-Free type from currently USC approved/listed assemblies, and repair/replacement shall be followed by a retest. Retest results shall be submitted to the NYC DEP office with description of repairs, parts and materials used.

3. Failure to submit an annual test report for each approved BFPA is a violation of §20-04(e) and will result in the issuance of a Notice of Violation returnable to the Environmental Control Board (ECB). This may result in the imposition of a civil penalty of up to $1,000.

4. The building-owner or property manager will not receive future reminders of the required BFPA Annual Test Report. The DEP is offering a free service where you can sign up to get email reminders about the testing requirements and required dates for your Backflow device(s). To sign up go to

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