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What is the Energy Analysis EN2 Form in New York City- NYC

Energy Analysis of Constructed Conditions.

In accordance with Section 28-104.3 of the Administrative Code and Section ECC 103.4, if constructed work differs from the last-approved full energy analysis, an as-built energy analysis shall be submitted to the Department, listing the actual values used in the building for all applicable Energy Code-related items and demonstrating that the building complies with the Energy Code.


Who will sign the EN2 Form

Such energy analysis shall be signed and sealed by a registered design professional. The progress inspector shall certify that to the best of his or her knowledge and belief the building as built complies with such signed and sealed energy analysis and construction drawings for energy code compliance; where no trade-offs have been used among disciplines, more than one registered design professional may sign and seal the elements of the energy analysis.


Who will approve the EN2 Form

The energy analysis shall be approved or accepted by the Department of Buildings prior to sign-off.

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