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What is the Application Procedure for Energy Code Compliance in New York City- NYC

Energy code compliances are always changing and it's crucial to check the latest information on the official website of the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) or consult directly with the department for the most accurate and up-to-date details. However, the following can provide a general overview of the typical process as of 2022:

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Energy Code:

  • Submission of Construction Documents:

    • Include energy code compliance documentation as part of your construction documents when submitting plans to the DOB. This documentation may include energy analysis, calculations, and specifications that demonstrate compliance with the energy code.

  • Energy Analysis:

    • Perform an energy analysis of the building to ensure it meets the energy efficiency requirements specified in the energy code. This may involve calculations related to insulation, lighting, HVAC systems, and other relevant components.

  • Energy Code Forms:

    • Complete any required energy code compliance forms or checklists. These forms may vary based on the project type and scope.

  • Plan Review:

    • The DOB will review your construction documents, including the energy code compliance documentation, during the plan review process. They will assess whether the proposed building design meets the energy efficiency standards.

  • Approval and Permits:

    • Once your construction documents are approved, you can obtain the necessary permits to start construction. The approval process ensures that your project complies with all relevant codes, including energy codes.

  • Inspections:

    • During the construction process, inspections may be conducted to verify that the building is being constructed in accordance with the approved plans, including energy code requirements.

  • Certificate of Occupancy:

    • Before the building is occupied, a final inspection is typically required. Once the DOB is satisfied that the building meets all code requirements, including energy code compliance, a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) may be issued.

It's essential to keep in mind that the process and specific requirements may vary based on the type and size of the project. Always check the latest information on the official DOB website or contact the DOB directly for the most accurate guidance. Additionally, consulting with a professional architect or engineer experienced in New York City's building codes can be beneficial for a smooth compliance process. Contact Built Engineers today for a comprehensive look into energy code compliance for your latest project!

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