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What is an Alteration Type 2- NYC DOB

As any experienced commercial builder will tell you, you need building permits for any major construction, demolition, or renovation projects. However, there is a bit more that goes into the details of the permitting process. It is critical to find a professional that can ensure an accurate and expedited filing process for your project. There are 3 different types of Alteration Types, simply called Alteration Type 1 (Alt 1), Alteration Type 2 (ALt 2), and Alteration Type 3 (Alt3). Today we will focus on Alteration Type 2.

Alteration Type 2 (Alt 2)

Alteration type 2 is an application filed for standard interior demolition and/or renovation work that doesn't affect the use, egress or occupancy of the space, and therefore does not require a new or amended Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

An Alt 2 may either be filed as a Directive 2 (D2) or Directive 14 (D14) application, both directives developed to streamline the filing process:

  • Directive 2: D2 applications allow applicants to file projects in lieu of an Alteration Type 1 application when the change involved is limited to a change in egress (only), with no impact on the Certificate of Occupancy. The DOB often refers to a Directive 2 review as a full egress review.

  • Directive 14: Introduced to address a backlog of inspections the DOB experienced at one time, D14 enables applicants of record to file for a limited examination. This means a registered architect or professional engineer can take responsibility for a final inspection and sign-off.

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