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TPP1: Tenant Protection Plan Guide for New York City- NYC DOB

The following is a guide from the NYC DOB to help people navigate through the Tenant Protection plan process:

• The TPP1 form must be submitted for all jobs on buildings with occupied dwelling units

• The TPP1 must be prepared by a Registered Design Professional. (RDP)

• For buildings other than one- and two-family homes or where work is limited to the interior of an owner-occupied single dwelling unit that will not disrupt essential services of other units, the RDP who prepares the TPP1 must be retained by the contractor.

• The form must be signed and sealed by the RDP and signed by the building owner.

• The form must be submitted in the Buildings Information System (BIS) to satisfy two Required Items:

– Tenant Protection Plan and Notes: This Required Item must be satisfied prior to job approval.

– TPP1: Tenant Protection Plan: This Required Item must be satisfied prior to permit issuance

This guide provides information for use when filling out the TPP1: Tenant Protection Plan Form. It includes general template information the Department forms follow as well specific instructions on certain TPP1 sections. New users are encouraged to read this prior to completing the TPP1.

For more information about the Tenant Protection Plan, visit the Department’s Tenant Protection Plan page for more information.

SECTION 1: Location Information

Location refers to the place where the proposed work will be taking place. Enter the property information as it appears in BIS. Enter the number of dwelling units that will remain occupied during construction and specify which unit or apartment numbers will remain occupied (e.g., Unit 2 Front or Apartment 14G, 14H, 14I, etc.).

SECTION 2: Tenant Protection Plan

This section should include the description of the Tenant Protection Plan (TPP) which is required for all applications with occupied dwelling units. The sections here correspond to the requirements in NYC Administrative Code Section 28-120.1. In the space provided, add the appropriate section heading and then provide detail. If you require more space, continue a separate AI1 form and submit that with the job filing.

IMPORTANT: If a disruption of any essential service is anticipated during the work, notification of the disruption must be given to all affected occupants of occupied dwelling units.

SECTION 3: Tenant Protection Plan Attachments/Drawings

This section should include any attachments/drawings that are being included with the TPP1 form. First acknowledge if attachments/drawings are being submitted. Next identify the number of additional pages. Please append legible 11 x 17 drawings/attachments to the TPP1 form.

SECTION 4: Owner’s Statement and Signature

The owner’s signature is required for all applications.

SECTION 5: Applicant’s Statement and Signature

The RDP who prepared the TPP1 must sign and seal this section.

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