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Subsequent Filings in NYC DOBNow - Save DOB Filing Fees

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

What changed?

Subsequent filings could not be submitted until after the initial job filing was submitted. Now a subsequent filing can be created when the initial filing is in pre-filing status. However, the subsequent filings cannot be submitted until after the initial filing is submitted.

What are the benefits of this change?

All filings associated with a job can be created at the same time. This is especially useful for owners who need to complete the Statements & Signature section on each filing. Owners will no longer have to wait for the initial filing to be submitted and can log in and attest to the subsequent filings at the same time as the initial filing.

What are the benefits of creating subsequent filings?

All filings with the same job number will go to the same plan examiner or team and the Records Management Fees are paid on the initial filing only. It is also beneficial to have one job number to connect all of the work on a project.

What is a subsequent filing?

A subsequent filing is an additional filing under the same job filing number that allows an applicant (the same one on the initial or a new applicant) to add new scope of work and new work types to a job on the same property. A subsequent filing can also have a different review type (standard plan examination/professional certification) than the initial filing. Once submitted, a subsequent filing functions as a separate application. It can be permitted before the initial is permitted and a Letter of Completion (LOC) is requested separately on each filing.

How do I create a subsequent filing?

From the DOB NOW: Build dashboard, select Search. Select BIN Search to find filings on the BIN or select Job Number Search if the job number is already known. From the Filing Action column next to the initial (I1) filing, select Action Subsequent Filing.

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