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Resolve DOB Boiler Violations - NYC DOBNow - New York City

Local Law 62 of 1991, LBLVIO & HBLVIO

To remedy a notice of violation for failure to file a periodic boiler inspection report:

  • Provide proof of compliance, such as a copy of the filed inspection report for the applicable cycle year; or

  • Submit to the Department payment of the appropriate civil penalties and filing of a current inspection report in DOB NOW: Safety. See the Boiler Violation Civil Penalty Reference Chart for information on paying the full civil penalties.

Civil penalty payments can be made in the Violations portal in DOB NOW: Safety. See the July 2020 Service Notice for more information.

When a boiler in a multi-dwelling, SRO, commercial, or mixed-use building is removed and not replaced by another boiler, or if it is determined not to require filing annual inspection reports due to a major change such as a building renovation or demolition, submit a Boiler Removal Notification (OP49) in DOB NOW: Build within 30 days. A licensed professional must complete this notification. Failure to submit a Boiler Notification will result in late penalties of $50.00 per month. In addition, any DOB violations issued as a result of failure to submit a Boiler Notification within 30 days of boiler removal or jurisdictional status change are the owner’s responsibility.

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