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Need a Price for an Oil-to-Gas Conversion in NYC? Built can create a narrative & sketch for quotes!

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

The following was prepared by Built Engineers to assess the costs of an oil-to-gas conversion at a property. Need help with a similar project? Call Built Engineers & Architects. 646.481.1861 or email

Oil to Gas Conversion Narrative


  1. Existing oil-fired steam boiler, Peerless JOTTW-250-S (282 MBH heating capacity of steam. Net 212 MBH of steam heating. 883 Steam sq. ft.) Approximately 23 years old with steam radiators.

  2. (1) Gas meter for each of (5) apartment gas cooking (Estimated 65 MBH).

  3. (1) Gas meter for (1) 75 MBH Gas-fired domestic hot-water heater with 100-gallon storage capacity.



  • Remove existing Peerless JOTTW-250-S oil-fired boiler and oil piping.

  • Remove existing #2 fuel-oil tank (approximately 275-gallons) and dispose of according to environmental standards.

New Work

  • Provide (1) New 399 MBH Peerless gas-fired steam boiler 64-08 or similar (for budgeting purposes, boiler sizing is based on steam sq. ft. of the previous boiler and not the total sq. ft. of the existing radiators).

  • Provide (1) new approximately 2” gas service from the street to serve (1) new 1-¼” gas line with a new gas meter for the new gas-fired boiler. The new 2” gas service will also feed the existing gas header with (6) existing gas meters. The existing gas service header to the apartments is to be bottled by the utility to prevent triggering the re-testing of the existing gas risers. Estimated “bottling” cost from utility is $5000. Provide new gas emergency shut-offs on the new boiler and at the boiler entryway. Provide new carbon-monoxide detector to be integrated with boiler operation.

  • Install new minimum 8” double-wall B-vent inside existing chimney. Extend existing chimney to 3’ above nearest construction within 10 feet. Install proper chimney cap at vent termination. Connect existing domestic hot-water heater and new boiler breeching to this vent in the existing boiler room.

  • Provide an electric domestic hot-water heater and hot plates in the apartments for cooking and domestic hot-water during temporary shutdown.

***All sizing and installation criteria above is for schematic design only and is subject to final engineering and approval. Not intended for construction use.***

How to calculate annual gas savings of oil to gas:

How to determine available energy incentives and rebates:

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