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Preliminary Commissioning Report Requirements - NYC MEP Engineer - New York

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

C408.2.4Preliminary commissioning report. A preliminary report of commissioning test procedures and results shall be completed and certified by the approved agency and provided to the building owner or owner’s authorized agent. The report shall be organized with mechanical and service hot water findings in separate sections to allow independent review. The report shall be identified as “Preliminary Commissioning Report,” shall include the completed Commissioning Compliance Checklist, Figure C408.2.4, and shall identify:

  1. Itemization of deficiencies found during testing required by this section that have not been corrected at the time of report preparation.

  2. Deferred tests that cannot be performed at the time of report preparation because of climatic conditions.

  3. Climatic conditions required for performance of the deferred tests.

  4. Results of functional performance tests.

  5. Functional performance test procedures used during the commissioning process, including measurable criteria for test acceptance.


C408.2.4.1Acceptance of report. Buildings, or portions thereof, shall not be considered as acceptable for a final inspection pursuant to Chapter 1 of this code until the building official has received a letter of transmittal from the building owner acknowledging that the building owner or owner’s authorized agent has received the Preliminary Commissioning Report.

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