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Plumbing work you can perform without a DOB filing and permit in NYC - New York City

Updated: May 7

§28-105.4.4 Ordinary plumbing work.

The following ordinary plumbing work may be performed without a permit, provided

that the licensed plumber performing such work: (i) provides a monthly report listing completed work and work in progress during the preceding month, including the block, lot and address of each job, a description of the work performed or in progress

at each address, and the location in each building where the work was performed or is in

progress; (ii) pays the fees for such work in accordance with this code; and (iii) submits to the department a certification that the work was performed in accordance with this code and all applicable laws and rules. Ordinary plumbing work shall include:

  1. The removal of a domestic plumbing system not connected to a fire suppression or fire protection system, or the

removal of a portion of such system.

2. The relocation of up to two plumbing fixtures within the same room to a maximum of 10 feet (3048 mm) distant

from the original location, except in health care facilities.

3. The installation, replacement or repair of a food waste grinder (food waste disposal) or secondary back flow

preventer and the replacement or repair of a sump pump.

4. The replacement of closet bends.

5. In buildings in occupancy group R2 occupied by fewer than

 six families or in buildings in occupancy group R3, the

replacement of a gas water heater or a gas fired boiler with a capacity of 350,000 BTU or less where the existing

appliance gas cock is not moved, provided that the plumber has inspected the chimney and found it to be in good

operational condition.


The repair or replacement of any non-gas, non-fire supp

ression piping not longer than 10 feet (3048 mm) inside a

building, or connected piping previously

repaired or replaced under this provision.


The repair or replacement of non-fire suppression branch piping after the riser shutoff valve, including the

replacement of fixtures, limited to two bathrooms and one kitchen per building per monthly reporting period.

8. The replacement of flexible gas tubing no greater than

4 feet (1219 mm) in length located downstream of the existing

gas cock to an appliance, provided such gas tubing does not penetrate a wall.

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