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NYC Housing Maintenance Code: Owner Notification

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The NYC Housing Maintenance Code requires owners to provide notification of construction to occupants of a multiple dwelling. Compliance with the NYC Housing Maintenance Code is also required to be specified on a Tenant Protection Plan (TPP).

27-2005(e)(q) states:

The owner of a multiple dwelling shall provide lawful occupants of such multiple dwelling with notice prior to making repairs, or performing other work, that will cause an interruption of any heat, hot water, cold water, gas or electricity service expected to last for two or more hours. The department shall by rule prescribe the form, timing and placement of the notice, provided that the notice shall be publicly posted in a prominent place within the multiple dwelling at least twenty-four hours before the interruption of such service is expected to commence and shall remain posted until such interruption ends. Where the owner expects that an interruption of any heat, hot water, cold water, gas or electricity service will last for less than two hours or where such interruption is due to emergency repairs or work, as defined by department rule, advance notice need not be posted, provided that where such interruption lasts for two or more hours, notice shall be posted as soon as practicable after the commencement of such interruption. Such notice shall identify the service to be interrupted, the type of work to be performed, the expected start and end dates of the service interruption. The notice shall be updated as needed. Such notice shall be posted in English, Spanish and such other languages as the department may provide by rule.

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