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Limited Oil-Burning Alterations - Limited Alteration Application LAA in NYC - New York City

An alteration to an oil burner/boiler system that is limited in scope that a licensed Oil Burner Installer can do, falling into one of the following categories:

Category - 1

There is a $35,000 cost limitation in any 12 month period and only the following work can be done:

Category - 1 $35,000 cost limitation per building including appliance and labor in any 12 month period

  • Replace Equipment or Piping: Replacement of oil equipment or oil piping including oil tanks with 330 gallons (1250 L) or less capacity Replacement Tanks must have a UL listing or labeling or meet the alternative tank design and construction standards contained in section 1305.14 of the NYC Mechanical Code

Category - 2

No cost and time period limitation, but only the following work can be done:

Category - 2 Estimated cost of unlimited work, must include all appliance and labor costs

  • Replace oil-burning boilers or water heaters: Replacements with heat input of 1 million Btu/h (293 kW) or less

  • Replace oil burners: Replacements with heat input of 2.8 million Btu/h (821 kW) or less

  • Relocate oil burner or oil-burning boiler or water heater: Relocate within the same, unaltered fire-rated enclosure or room

  • Temporary oil fired mobile boiler: Placement of a temporary Department of Buildings registered oil fired mobile boiler at a site for emergency heating

For use only with LAA Applications submitted on or after December 31, 2014.

  • Category 1 LAA Fee Chart for One- and Two Family Homes

  • Category 2 LAA Fee Chart for 1, 2, 3 Family Fees

Only one category and one work type can be filed per limited alteration application.

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