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Landmarks Preservation Commission of New York City Announces New Permit Portal- NYC

We have exciting news to share and want to make sure that those who have filed applications with us are the first to know. In March, LPC will be launching Portico, a web-based permit portal that will improve the customer experience for our applicants by making it easier to file an application, allow multiple users to access the same application, and receive updates on application status.

Owners of landmark-designated properties and their applicant team will be able to use Portico for everything from filing applications for new permits or amending existing ones, to uploading supporting documentation (photographs, architectural plans, presentations), requesting notices of compliance, and receiving final permits and approved drawings. 

Portico removes any uncertainty over which application form to use. It employs an application assistant, or “wizard,” for all applications, asking applicants a series of simple questions to direct them to the correct application process and the required materials to support the application. 

Applicants will be able to log into Portico to view the status of their application, and the portal is designed to allow multiple users to access the same application so the property owner and their representatives can have access to detailed status updates throughout every stage of the process. 

What happens next? In advance of our March launch, LPC will send out a date for the launch and all the information you will need to start using Portico. We will also share our plans for training sessions on how to file on Portico and all of its new features. We are planning open office hours, zoom tutorials, and more.   

Portico represents an exciting transformation of our permitting process, and we can't wait to share it with you. Please feel free to share this information with any colleagues, and this link to sign up to get updates. 

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