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How to File Mechanical, Plumbing, & Sprinkler Drawings For Permit in NYC DOBNow- DOB Filing Process

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

1. Hire a Mechanical, Plumbing, or Sprinkler Design Engineer such as Built Engineers & Architects (Call 646.481.1861 or email to create construction and filing drawings for your building. Drawings can typically take 2-8 weeks to prepare.

2. After the drawings are completed and signed/sealed by the engineer, the drawings will need to be filed with the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB)

4. Hire an environmental consultant to test the site for asbestos and issue an ACP-5 form for the filing. The environmental consultant will usually quote their services using a set of the filing drawings from your design engineer.

5. Hire a special-inspection agency to complete the special inspections as part of the application. They will monitor the installation process to ensure it matches the design drawings that were filed. The special-inspection agency will usually quote their services using a set of the filing drawings from your design engineer.

6. Pay any NYC DOB filing fees in DOBNow.

7. Sign the application in NYC DOB Now as the owner or property manager.

8. Upon plans examination comments and application approval (usually takes 4-8 weeks), have the contractor pull a permit for each work-type (plumbing, mechanical, sprinkler, architectural). Electrical alterations are not typically filed. Fire-alarm drawings are filed directly with the FDNY.

9. Please be advised that the special-inspection agency will require regular access to the construction site during construction.

10. Upon job close-out and project completion, the design engineer and the special-inspection agency will each need to sign off on the job. The special-inspection agency will then issue any EUP cards required. The job can then be closed-out in DOBNow after all construction and paperwork is completed.

11. After sign-off, the job is complete!

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