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NYC DOBNow Filing Fee Calculator for Alterations - How to determine Filing Fees in New York City

Updated: Oct 18

How do you determine NYC DOB Now Filing Fees and Record Fees? Use this form to calculate your estimated NYC DOBNow Filing Fees and Record Fees for Alt 2 and Alt 3 Applications (Alterations):

***Please note this figure is paid directly to the NYC DOB and does not include the filing fees required for your expediter or engineer to handle the project filing in DOB Now.***

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Alteration Type-2 Application is an alteration that doesn’t change the use or occupancy of the building but requires several types of work, such as plumbing and construction.  An Alteration Type-2 Application may be used when there is no change to the Certificate of Occupancy due to the proposed alterations, such as with an interior fit-out or alteration. When an Alteration Type-2 is filed under Directive-14 (such is the case 99% of the time), the Applicant or other NYS Registered Professional Engineer or Registered Architect may signoff the application with a Directive-14 Final Inspection.

Alteration Type-3 is a minor alteration that involves only one type of work, such as a curb cut or a construction fence. ALT-1s and ALT-2s must be filed by a registered architect or licensed engineer; some ALT-3s don’t require detailed plans and can be filed by a non-professional.

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