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Equipment Use Permits (EUP) and FDNY in New York City

Updated: May 24, 2023

With the advancements in modern equipment that helps to keep buildings suitable for human occupancy, cities across the country have implemented standards to keep these buildings, and their occupants, safe. To ensure these standards in New York City, the NYC Department of Buildings issues Equipment Use Permits (EUP). The New York Fire Department (FDNY) then schedules periodic inspections for anyone who is issued an EUP card. A copy of your EUP card must be displayed on any piece of equipment that requires an inspection. If the card is not properly displayed, you can receive a Notice of Violation (NOV). Equipment that typically requires an EUP card includes water heaters, heat pumps, fire sprinklers, A/C units, refrigeration, and fuel storage.

Common Requirements for EUP’s

Every building and its unique equipment will differ from place to place, but there are a few common requirements that occur in all cases:

  • For buildings built before 1987, the owner must complete asbestos testing and reporting before installing equipment

  • For buildings that are registered as landmarks, the owner must prepare and file a Landmark Application

  • All equipment must meet NYC Building Code, NYC Zoning Resolution and NYC Energy Code, plus any type of requirements that depend on the specific type of equipment

  • The plans must be prepared by a Licensed Design Professional, which refers to a Registered Architect (RA), or a Professional Engineer (PE)

Delays and hang-ups in the Department of Buildings review process can be greatly reduced by hiring a professional engineer to deal with the EUP requirements in your building.

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