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Case Study in Lighting Design- New York City- NYC

The following case studies examine a series of impactful projects completed by our Built Engineers personnel that underscore our knowledge of technological advancements in energy engineering. The following accomplishments showcase our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and technical expertise.

This lighting project was completed at NYC Health + Hospitals Lincoln Hospital Lighting Retrofit in the South Bronx, NY.


Comprehensive high-efficacy lighting retrofit at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx. The project aimed to

modernize the lighting infrastructure, increase energy efficiency, and align with sustainable practices.


The project's scope extended across a vast 250,000 sq. ft. complex, necessitating thorough planning and execution. To initiate the retrofit, the engineer conducted meticulous field surveys, assessing the existing lighting systems and infrastructure. These surveys were crucial for understanding the specific requirements and conditions of the complex, ensuring that the retrofit would be tailored to the unique needs of Lincoln Hospital.

Technical Analysis

The field surveys involved a detailed examination of the lighting fixtures, their configurations, and the overall energy consumption patterns. This technical analysis informed decisions on the selection of appropriate LED lighting technology. LED lights were chosen for their high efficacy, longer lifespan, and superior energy efficiency

compared to traditional lighting systems. The engineer considered factors such as color temperature, brightness levels, and lighting distribution to optimize both energy efficiency and visual comfort within the hospital premises.

Design and Implementation

Utilizing the latest lighting analysis software construction documents were developed for bid. This phase involved translating the project requirements into detailed documentation that contractors could use to understand the scope, specifications, and technical aspects of the retrofit. The documents included lighting fixture specifications, installation guidelines, and other critical information to ensure a seamless and efficient implementation. The retrofit itself involved the systematic replacement of existing lighting fixtures with state-of-the-art LED lights.


The transition to LED lighting not only resulted in reduced operational and maintenance costs for the hospital but also aligned with broader sustainability goals. The project stands as evidence of the expertise required to manage large-scale retrofits that integrate technical precision with environmental consciousness, establishing a benchmark for future energy efficiency initiatives within healthcare facilities.

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