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Are You Trying To Sell Your New York Apartment or Condo with NYC DOB Paperwork or Signoff Issues?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Built Engineers - Professional NYC MEP Engineers - Can Help you put together a comprehensive Filing Rectification Plan for any existing Filings at the Property.

How do you find out if your apartment has paperwork issues? Click here.

We will analyze all existing paperwork and generate a FILING rectification plan.

EXAMPLE CUSTOM Filing Rectification Plan

  1. Allow 2-6 Weeks to create architectural, plumbing, and mechanical drawings.

  2. Submit drawings to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for Approval. Landmarks approval is required prior to DOB submission.

  3. Request to reinstate the application(s) from DOB (approximately 2 weeks). Typically, a no work reinstate for sign off is $100.00.

  4. They could also potentially charge the DOB fee which was over $7,000.00

  5. Submit change of Applicant for Architectural, Plumbing, and Mechanical Applications to BUILT Engineers, P.C. PE /RA

  6. Submit new Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing Filings in DOBNow.

  7. The building must pay the $5,000 DOB Civil Penalty prior to us being able to pull our permits.

  8. After permits are pulled, we would work to complete plumbing sign-off with master plumber. Rough-in and final gas inspections have been previously completed and gas is authorized so we should not have to open up gas-piping unless there are unforeseen issues.

  9. Contractor to provide additional scoping into current gas-fired dryer venting and kitchen venting to confirm code compliance. Adequate make-up air will need to be confirmed for the gas-fired dryer room. Make-up air will also need to be scoped and confirmed for the kitchen HVAC unit. Some remedial work may be required depending on final results.

  10. After all work is completed. The special inspections will be completed. A Certificate of Compliance will be issued for the outdoor HVAC unit to certify with the FDNY.

  11. Complete sign-offs on all applications.

  12. Complete all paperwork to DOB.

  13. Obtain Letters of Completion.

  14. Project complete.

We can also summarize the existing Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems in the building as well as identify any major code items that might require remediation and outline potential remediation costs.

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