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1705.39 Special Inspection for Exhaust and Vent Systems in Plenums and Ducts - NYC - New York City

Updated: May 7

1705.39 Special inspection for exhaust and vent systems in plenums and ducts.

Chimneys, vents, and exhaust systems under positive pressure that penetrate ducts or plenums installed in accordance with exceptions 1 and 2 of Section 601.4 of the New York City Mechanical Code shall be inspected for conformance with the approved construction documents.

1705.39.1 Visual inspection.

Visual inspection shall confirm that joints, seams, and connections of covered mechanical systems are securely fastened and sealed with welds, gaskets, mastics (adhesives), mastic-plus-embedded-fabric systems, liquid sealants or tapes.

1705.39.2 Smoke test.

The special inspection shall include witnessing the system smoke test performed in accordance with Section 810 of the New York City Mechanical Code.

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