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1705.21 Mechanical Systems Special Inspection - NYC - New York City

Updated: May 7

From the 2022 NYC Building Code:

1705.21 Special inspection for mechanical systems.

Mechanical systems that require a certificate of compliance in accordance with Section 28-116.4.1 of the Administrative Code shall be inspected for conformance with the approved construction documents.

1705.21.1Tests for mechanical systems.

Tests of mechanical systems shall be performed in accordance with applicable sections of the code including Sections 507.6, 1011, 1108 and 1208 of the New York City Mechanical Code. The special inspector shall witness all required tests.

1705.21.2 Factory built equipment.

Listed and labeled self-contained factory-built equipment and appliances deemed by the registered design professional to meet the design, manufacture and factory test requirements of this code shall be field tested in accordance with the manufacturers’ installation and operational test standards.

1705.21.3 Special inspection of mechanical systems.

Inspections of mechanical systems shall include the following as applicable to the system:

  1. Visual certification that required components of such systems are complete in accordance with the manufacturers’ installation guidelines and the approved construction documents;

  2. Supports, hangers, and vibration isolation equipment are properly spaced and anchored to supporting structure;2.1.Seismic bracing shall be inspected in accordance with Section 1705.12.

  3. Installation of required signage and safety instructions;

  4. Electrical components are installed and electrical sign-off issued;

  5. Ventilation balancing report is complete and in accordance with design documents and the system is operating as designed;

  6. Required labeling, operational instructions and safety signage properly posted;

  7. All related special inspections for such systems are complete;

  8. The installation of exterior mechanical equipment for compliance with the approved construction documents, including, as applicable: 8.1. Equipment specified; 8.2. Equipment location; 8.3. Installation and attachment details; 8.4. Vibration isolation installation; and 8.5. Other items specified by the applicant of record for the mechanical equipment design necessary to verify compliance with Section 313.2.1of the New York City Mechanical Code.

  9. Fire and smoke dampers are installed and functioning properly.

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