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NYC DOB Expediting & Violations Removal NYC DEP Filings FDNY Filings

NYC DOB, FDNY, & DEP Backflow-Prevention Device Filings

Filing of Alteration type 1, 2, and 3 jobs

Equipment Use Permits - Certificate of Compliance for HVAC systems

PAA post approval filings

Construction Code Determination Forms to apply for variances on code requirements

Obtaining Work Permits & After Hours Variances

Certificate of Occupancy

Landmarks Preservation Commission filings

Letter of No Objection from the FDNY

Energy Audit Reports and Modeling

ASHRAE Level I Audit

DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) Violations

Cross connection violation

Backflow prevention violation

ECB(Environmental Control Board) violation

FDNY (Fire Department of NYC) Violations

Equipment use permit violations (Certificate of compliance)

DOB (Department of Building) Violations

Boiler room violation

Service Contact
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