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Plumbing Engineering Gas-Piping Design Backflow Prevention Devices

Drainage Design

Drainage Waste and Vent

Storm Drainage and Detention Systems

Site Storm and Sanitary Sewer Design DEP Application

Water Conservation and Recovery (Gray Water)

Rainwater Harvesting design

Blue Roof Design

New Sewer Service

Vent Piping Design

Sanitary System Design

Sewage ejector pump design

Sump pump design

DEP site connection plan and detention tank design for new sewer connections

Commercial kitchen grease interceptor calculations and selection to meet or exceed local code regulations

Sanitary, Vent, Storm drainage system layout and design

Gas Piping Design

New Gas Service

Oil To Gas Boiler Conversion

Gas Load Letter

Gas Leak Correction

Gas Shutoff Plumbing Riser Diagram

Gas Plumbing Fixture Schedule

LL 152 Gas Filing

Gas Piping Legalization

Gas Piping Filing

Commercial Kitchen Systems

Natural Gas and Propane

Laboratory/Hospital/Clinical Piped Services

Commercial Kitchen Design

Commercial Laundry Design

Commercial kitchen gas booster design

Gas Booster selection and design for buildings where equipment will require higher gas pressures than delivered by the Utility Company

Natural gas utility and correspondence with utility company for new service request or existing service adequacy determination

Domestic Water Design

New Water Service

Backflow prevention design

Hot Water System Design

Cold Water System Design

Gas and electric water heater design

Hot Water Return System Design

Hot Water Heater Design Site Connection

DEP cross connection plans for RPZ, DCVA, DCDA, and RPDA based on facility hazard level

Domestic cold water, hot water, hot water re-circulation piping layout and design

Domestic hot water heater calculation and selection

Domestic water booster system for premises where city supplied pressure is inadequate

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