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Mechanical Engineering HVAC Design Boiler & Boiler Room Design

We design complete mechanical systems for retail, commercial, education office, hotels, bars, restaurants, industrial, residential, apartments, condos, and townhouses.

We perform load calculations utilizing software in compliance with ANSI/ASHRAE standard 140-2007 to determine heating and cooling loads to select appropriate equipment.

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

Central heating-and-cooling plants:

Cooling tower design

Chiller design

Boiler design

Steam plant design

Custom air-handling units (chilled-water, hot-water, steam) design

Energy recovery ventilator design

Heating design

Air-conditioning and heating design

Packaged rooftop units

VRF (Variable-refrigerant Flow) Systems

Split system air conditioning units

Gas fired system design


Ventilation Design

Bathroom exhaust design

Kitchen exhaust

Outside-air systems

Commercial kitchen hood exhaust (Type I and Type II) / restaurant exhaust

Make-up air systems

Smoke control / smoke exhaust

HVAC Controls design

Building automation systems and controls

Hospital & laboratory exhaust and supply systems.

BMS system design and sequence of operations validation

HVAC Property Analysis

Life-cycle condition assessments

Property condition assessments

Life-cycle cost analysis.

Violation removal

FDNY violation removal

Equipment use permits (Certificates of compliance)

Advanced Technologies (Radiant Heating and Cooling, Under Floor Air Distribution, Displacement Ventilation)

Geothermal Heat Exchange Systems

Fuel Oil Storage and Distribution

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Building Energy Code Services (Comcheck)

Passive House Design

Water Cooled System Design

Air Cooled AC System Design

Legalization VRF System Design

High Pressure Steam

Low Pressure Steam

LEED Certified

Smoke Detector

Riser Diagram

Thermal Load Calculations

Pressure Drop Calculations

Equipment Sizing

Cogeneration System Design

Trigeneration System Design

Custom Air Handling Unit Design

Ventilation System Design

Outside Air System Design

Indoor Air Quality Filtration Systems

Steam, hot water, radiant floor, snow melt heated slab, chilled water, and condenser water systems Ventilation system design to provide minimum outside air requirements as well as required exhausts for toilets, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other rooms required to be ventilated

Restaurant exhaust systems, nail salon ventilation systems, make-up air system, and precipitator design to meet or exceed code requirements

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