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Fire-Protection Engineering Sprinkler Design Standpipe Design

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Dry and Pre Action Fire Sprinkler Systems

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Standpipe Systems

Fire Water Storage

Fire Pumps

Temporary Dry Standpipe Design

Foam Systems

Sprinkler Head Layout

Partially Sprinklered Building Designs

Fully Sprinklered Building Designs

Fire pump Design

Deluge Sprinkler System

Sprinkler Riser

Standpipe Design

Pre Action System

Dry Sprinkler System

Local Law 26

Clean Agent Sprinkler System

Halon Sprinkler System

Siamese Connection

Fire department connection

Complete Sprinkler and Standpipe design for light, ordinary, and high hazard Occupancy types

Hydraulic calculations to determine if adequate pressure and flow is delivered for Code compliance to the Sprinkler and Standpipe system

Fire pump selection and design where city pressure is not adequate to deliver the required system demand

Fire pump piping trim including bypass, valves, circulation relief, pressure relief, and testing manifold as required to meet code requirements

Dry Sprinkler System design and layout

Pre-action Sprinkler System design and layout

Siamese connection layout

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