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Electrical Engineering Fire-Alarm Design Electric-vehicle Charging Stations

Electrical Design

Service and Distribution

Emergency/Standby Power Systems

Equipment Selection Connections

Lighting and Power Circuiting

Lighting Design

Lighting Controls

Grounding/Lightning Protection

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Mission Critical Infrastructure and Distribution

Lighting Design

Power Plan

Emergency Generator Design

Elevator Modernization

Electrical Riser Design

Electrical Load Letter

Fire Alarm Design

Life Safety Systems Testing and Evaluation

ARCS System Design


AV/Tele Communication

Renewable Energy Technologies

Building Energy Code Services (Comcheck)

Short Circuit Coordination and Arc Flash Study

Metering and submetering system design

Design of complete building service distribution system for all Building Occupancy types

Panel Scheduling

Arc Fault Current Calculation

Wire Sizing

Photometric Analysis

Emergency Lighting Design

Parking Lot Lighting

Security Design

Intercom Design

Low Voltage Design

IT Design

LED Lighting Design


Energy Analysis

Lighting Controls

Lightning Protection

Electric Car Chargers

Surge Protection

Voltage Drop Calculations

Electronic Sub-Metering

Power System Study Calculations (Short Circuit, Coordination, Arc Flash)

Workstation Power Feeds

Structured Cable Design

Audio Visual Design

Grounding System Heat Trace Design

Rescue Assistance Communication System

Nurse Call System

Roadway Lighting

Standby Generator Design

Complete Electrical plans with panel schedules, branch circuiting, and feeder and conduit sizing

Electrical load calculations in compliance with National Electric Code requirements

Emergency Generator and Standby Generator plants with Automatic Transfer Switch designed to comply with all local regulations

Main disconnect, Switchgear, and Subpanel design

Utility metering and submetering design

Emergency lighting and exit design

Electrical lighting control and power calculations for Energy Code Compliance

Uninterruptible Power Supply systems

Correspondence with ConEd for new service upgrades and service adequacy determinations

Fire Alarm Design NFPA Compliant High Rise Fire Alarm System Design Wireless Fire Alarm System Design ARCs Design (Auxiliary Radio Communication System) Ansul System Design Elevator Recall Design Door Unlocking Design Mass Notification System Design Addressable System Design Temporal Fire Alarm System Design Dry Chemical Extinguishing System Central Station Monitoring Design Battery Calculations Pre Action System Design Complete manual, automatic smoke/heat, sprinkler fire alarm system design High rise Fire Command Center with voice/alarm and 2 way voice communication systems Layout of smoke detectors, manual pull station, horn/strobe, speakers, control and monitoring modules Fire Alarm As Built Matrix

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