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Considerations During the Gas to Electric Conversion in New York City-NYC

metal grates over a gas burning kitchen stove

The transition from traditional gas-powered systems to electric alternatives in homes is gaining momentum in New York City. This shift towards electric conversion represents a pivotal progressive step in addressing environmental concerns, enhancing energy efficiency, and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. In the context of New York City's dynamic and densely populated environment, the move to electric systems holds the promise of creating more sustainable and resilient living spaces.

Local Law 152 is a prompt for this and briefly states that where gas piping is exposed, inspections are visual and must note piping that shows excessive atmospheric corrosion, illegal connections, and non-code compliant installations. In locations where gas piping is likely to be concealed, such as public spaces and hallways, the inspection must include screening with a portable gas detector to identify locations with high gas concentrations. Rooms containing gas-fired equipment must also be screened in the same manner.

There are multiple additional considerations that can be identified as inconveniences when it comes to homeowners switching from gas to electric. They first must consider the feasibility and cost of retrofitting their homes to accommodate electric appliances. This includes evaluating the electrical wiring, outlets, and potentially upgrading the electrical panel to handle the increased load.

Another consideration is the availability of electric alternatives for various household appliances. While electric options for most appliances are widely available, homeowners should ensure that their preferred models and brands offer electric alternatives that meet their specific needs.

If you are going to be converting to electric there is also a questionnaire our Built engineers will give to you and go over with you pertaining to the scope of work within the project. We will discuss things like:

  • The type of Building you are occupying

  • Is there gas heating? If so, what kind of system is it?

  • Types of air-conditioning

  • Are there dishwashers?

  • Do you have photos of existing electrical service and meters?

  • What prompted you to inquire about this conversion?

  • Will an EV charging station be included in this conversion?

The transition to electric over gas across New York City is not going to be an easy one. However, at Built Engineers we are going to be there every step of the way with you throughout the process. Call us at (646) 481-1861 to get the process started!

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