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1705.29 Sprinkler System Special Inspection - NYC Special Inspections - New York City

Updated: May 7

1705.29 Sprinkler System Special Inspection

New and altered sprinkler systems shall be inspected in accordance with Sections 903 and 1705.29.1. The permit holder responsible for the sprinkler work shall perform all required acceptance tests, complete and sign the appropriate contractor's material and test certifications. The special inspector shall witness all required tests and shall verify that all installations of all materials, fittings, hangers, assemblies and signage are in accordance with the approved construction documents, that painting of the sprinkler system required by Section 903.6 of this code has been performed and that the contractor has transmitted required maintenance literature and instruction to the owner. The special inspector shall verify that the material and test certification forms have been transmitted to the Fire Department and the Department of Buildings. Seismic bracing shall be inspected in accordance with Section 1705.12.

Exception: If the department witnesses a hydrostatic pressure test, it need not be witnessed by the special inspection agency.

1705.29.1 Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

All new or altered sprinkler systems in buildings shall undergo successful hydrostatic pressure testing by a licensed master plumber or licensed fire suppression piping contractor in accordance with the requirements of this code, including Section 901.5 of this code, and NFPA 13.

Exceptions: Modification of six or fewer sprinklers:

1. May be tested under working pressure in lieu of hydrostatic testing, or 2. Need not be witnessed by a special inspection when the hydrostatic test is performed by the licensed installing contractor.

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